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untie the chain that sunk into your restrained heart
don’t stop until that moon disappears

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why luhan is perfect: the way he looks in a suit

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About Luhan


Originally posted by Luhan Bar with permission from the movie staff.

On July 24th, 2014, Luhan completed his filming task in the movie “Back to 20” as a rookie actor. From June 18 to July 24, a month filled with joy, bitterness, both sweet and sour feelings, he was humble, hard working, serious, sincere, and as an actor, he’s drawn a perfect period to his first journey as an actor. 

In this one month, Luhan fans continuously communicated with the cast and crew, and surprisingly got to hear a story about him from behind the scenes. This story holds endless warmth as well as bitterness, and the main character of the story is gentle yet resilient. The first time we heard it, we thought that, no matter what, we want more people to know of it.  

After some hard work, finally, today we received permission from the staff to tell you guys this story. 

The beginning of the story is not an ideal one.

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his smirk~  щ(ಥДಥщ)

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